Haghartsin - Dilijan

Dear visit Armenia organisation members, I am sharing with you my Dilijan trip details. Hope you will injoy ! and will be published also in the "tourist feedback" sector at your website.

Thank you Timm Nicklasch

----------------------------------------------------------------------- The incredible places cover only 6 percent of the earth. Dilijan city was one of the incredible cities I have seen. Because of the high amount of rainfall, the climate is humid and the area is serounded with life and nature. The city is calm full of peace and silence and its serounded with foresty hills and mountains. My journy took just 2 days to discover that wonderful peace of land on this earth.

Taking the advantage I visited the old town and a museum, the Parz Litz where I could try a popular Armenian dish at a restaurant nearby. Overnighting was not a problem dosen of B&B services are available including few hotels. I stayed at Dili Villa B&B at the first night, where I found the services introduced in the internet at their website address does not correspond to reality. I found the place in a very bad level of standard to live, so I left the next day to B&B Magnit where I could find an organised, welcomming and cheerful family taking care of my stay, which made me feel at home in a foreign land. The high level of oxygene in the air made me feel in constant action, and constant hunger. I loved trying the Armenian homemade dishes at Magnit B&B. Dilijan was a transit point for me, after my 2 day stay I had to leave to Ijevan, a city very near to Dilijan. I could make it with a public transport. Dilijan trip will be always a special one for me, for being it very exotic and if I would search for a paradise on earth, then it will be Dilijan :)


Dear Ms. Aguilar

Thank you for your warm complements to Mr. Seropian. His enthusiasm, dedication and commitment in promoting Armenia are highly appreciated by our organization and by all who know him.

We look forward to welcoming you to visit Armenia with your family and friends. Armenia has a lot to offer to every traveler and every visitor is received with a worm welcome as a guest.

Thank you again

"Visit Armenia, It Is Beautiful"

To: Sent: Fri, Jun 26, 2009 1:40 pm

Hi; My name is Carmen Aguilar, and I am admired the fine work that Hagop Seropian did on his trip to Armenia, is a wonderful place and make me want to go and see with my owe eyes those beautiful and gorges places.

Keep up the good work and let the Armenia Star shine. Best regards.

Carmen Aguilar


Very nice and informative site. Thank you for all your work.

Nareg Inter Auto Parts, Inc.


Dear Ara,
Thank you for this outstanding initiative to promote our country! This is a great showcase of how an individual's brilliant idea can be put to work for the benefit of a society. Promoting tourism to Armenia is an essential duty for Armenians all over the world. And I liked the fact that you call specifically on everybody unrelated to their particular party, religious or other association.
Armenia today is a small and landlocked republic, that owns next to no resources but its rich cultural, scientific and historic heritage and hospitable and educated people. And it is true that our heritage has been one of the contributors to the world's identity.
But the fact of the matter is that not all of Armenian heritage can be found in today's Armenia. For this reason, our organization has taken a responsibility to provide a broader and more complete picture of what Armenia is. We encourage and urge all visitors to the Republic of Armenia take a chance to visit the Historical Armenia and Cilicia that are left outside the republic's borders, predominantly in today's Republic of Turkey. You should definitely see Echmiatsin Holy See and Lake Sevan, but you cannot imagine how complete a picture becomes once you also see Lake Van and the gorgeous 10th century A.D. Sourb Khach Cathedral on Aghtamar island, or once you take a breathtaking view of Cilician valley from the 12th century A.D. Roubinian built Sis fortress-capital!
Visit Armenia, whole of Armenia, it is really beautiful!
Armen Hovhannisyan
NarekaVank Tour, Yerevan


Dear Ara,
Congratulations on a well built, and much needed website. We noticed your site on TV and also in a local newspaper print ad. Anyone visiting Armenia should definitely check your site out, as it has a wealth of information for visitors and tourists. We feel that our service of, could also be helpful for the visitors of We will do our best to inform new people about your site!

Regards, Team

Dear Mr. Boyadjian,
Thank you for taking time out of your busy work schedule to speak with me this afternoon. I fully share your passion for the tourism industry.
Although I have yet to visit your beautiful country, my research demonstrates that Armenia is very interesting and it has the potential of becoming a popular destination (business or pleasure) for the U.S. market. It would give me great pleasure to contribute to your vision and to the economic growth of Armenia through tourism.

With kind regards,
Gabriel A. Ortiz, Principal
The Passport Tourism Group

Dear Ara,
What you are doing is called ultimate patriotism. Lots of people have great ideas, but not all of them put them in practice. You did... I have a great admiration for you and your work, and what you do gives us more strength to fight for our country and to have more and more people know us and our history. I am telling this because I live in a country that more than 50% of the population doesn't know "WHAT" Armenia is. So from the moment I arrived here, I have been trying to make as much publicity as possible. So far I have been successful.

The day I received your E-mail, informing me about the existance of the site, my job became much easier, because I had to make texts and print photos to show my friends and my students, but now I just ask them to go to the Web-site. Thank you very much, and I want you to know that you
can count on me on anything, my goal is to make as much promotion as possible here in Portugal and everywhere else.

Thank you
Best Regards

Diana Yeranosyan

Dear Ara,
Thank you for promoting our motherland without any monitory expectations.

Armenia is becoming an attractive destination, not only because of its culture, history, religion and rich heritage, but because of its economical growth, it's improving amenities and infrastructure to support tourism. It is not only attractive to Armenians in the Diaspora but also to foreigners and this is also due to many companies in the U.S. and Europe that are starting businesses and manufacturing sites in Armenia, in part because of the highly educated and talented labor pool.

I am so proud of my country and so proud of Armenians like you, who go out of their way to promote Armenia and help its economic growth.

As you might have already heard, Air France is introducing 3 flights a week to Yerevan from Los Angeles via Paris with service beginning on March 27th, 2006.

Best Regards,
Sevan Nova Leipziger

Here is the Air France Schedule:

Departure from LAX
AF 065 LAX CDG 3:30pm 11:05am+1
AF 334 CDG EVN 1:20pm+1 8:55pm+1

Return from EVN
AF 3345 EVN CDG 9:15am 11:20am
AF 072 CDG LAX 1:15pm 3:45pm

Dear Ara Boyadjian

I saw your advertising on Horizon Armenian TV -Harout by Request show. Then I went to the web site I like to congratulate you for this wonderful idea of creating a nice logo for Armenia, also I enjoyed the photos and the informative links that you have provided. I have not been in Armenia yet and I am not sure if there are any Armenians leaving within hundreds of miles from me. Now I found this wonderful site to visit and learn more about Armenia and its people.

Thank you again for this great work

Artin Karian
Alberta, Canada

Dear Ara

As I was driving on Ventura Boulevard I noticed a colorful bumper sticker on the car in front of me. When we stopped at a red light, I was able to reed the slogan "Visit Armenia it is Beautiful" and the web site address. upon my arrival home I immediately went to the web site and was able to find out that I can get a sticker for my car from one of the Armenian bookstores. The Q&A pages of the site tells your story the way it is..non-commercial, direct to the point slogan/logo "Visit Armenia it is Beautiful"

Great job, congratulations, I plan to tell my friends here and abroad about this wonderful site.

Garo E.
Los Angeles

I was privileged to visit Armenia last summer (2004) along with my Armenian co-workers to attend the baptism of my boss' son in Yerevan. I am a Mexican by origin, but have been dubbed an "honorary Armenian" by my fellow co-workers since I have been working in an Armenian law firm for over 14 years.

I truly enjoyed Armenia. The country is beautiful, the people are very nice and made me feel so comfortable even though I don't speak Armenian (I understand some and speak a few words, and many people in Armenia speak English so we got along well), and the night life was very fun. Alot of eating and dancing. The city of Yerevan is a great place and the countryside is just wonderful and full of nature's beauty.

I would like to take my husband and two daughters (non-Armenians) to Armenia soon so that they, too, can see the beauty and history of this wonderful land. I must admit that the beauty of Armenia should not be kept a secret to only Armenians because it is a place that all races and people can enjoy.

I would also like to commend you on this website as it is very educational and a good place for people to get a general idea about Armenia. Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Rosie Linares

Dear Ara,
I am glad to agree with you that it has been some time now that our media is reflecting & publicizing your conceived logo of V.A.I.I.B. Good for you. I am sure it will please you to know that yes we are visiting Armenia again this April & May and am sure we will once more witness that It Is Beautiful.

Keep up the good work.
Zaven Khanjian

Dear Ara!
thank you very much, I`m going to visit Armenia
as soon as I`ll have holiday!
it`s a wonderful internet site, so many beautiful pictures
and useful information!
thanks you!

mit freundliche gruesse aus der schweiz
Alex Agajan

"Armenia IS beautiful. I have lived there from birth to age 14. I visited Armenia in the Summer of 2002. It is simply a wonderland of incomparable beauty. It is a base of modern civilization and culture. Unfortunately, not many know of this. I commend you for your efforts to promote Armenia and its unbound treasures. Keep up the good work and guide us to spread the word all over the world."

I recently moved to central Florida from Los Feliz, California. There are few Armenians here most of whom I do not know. I will do as much as I can to promote your web site and its purpose. I do have A LOT of contacts outside of the US so I can help you there more.

Artur Oktanyan
Rockledge FL 32955

Dear Ara,

First of all I would like to thank you for your mission to promote our motherland. It is an excellent idea of having your web site to help the visitors with some interesting material.

I am working as Tourism Manager in one of the Tourist Agencies in Armenia. I think your idea to advertise the country by means of new technology is the best way of doing it. Being involved in Tourism Industry I see that many people from all over the world do not know how beautiful Armenia is and they do not know what kind of great culture our country has got.

Thank you again.

Kindest regards,
Anahit Shahverdyan
Tourism Manager
Armenia Travel + M

Congratulations are in order - Keep up with the good work .

Another Armenian ( just back from Armenia )
Toronto, Canada

What a treasure chest of culture! This web site is a great map for people who are just discovering the wonders of Armenia.

Jared Lee Hanson
Award-winning Author & Businessman

Dear Sir:
I came across the poster “Visit Armenia, It Is Beautiful” at my friend’s office. I then visited the “Visit Armenia, It Is Beautiful” web site. It made me pause, reflect on the pictures depicted and think just how commendable and powerful this simple, yet telling web site is. I thank you for it.

Beverly Hills, CA

Dear Mr. Boyajian:

I enjoyed your interview with Dr. Seraydarian on Horizon tonight. Thank you for informing us about the site. It is lovely, to say the least. Very impressive, specially for those who don't know about Armenia, and for those who have not seen it.

Armenia truly is a beautiful country, and we should all support it. I knew from the first time I met you at the ARS Headquarters in Glendale, (I believe you had come to sponsor an orphan) that you had a very special connection to our motherland, and I am not surprised to see the site. Bravo, it's a great job!

When I first went to Armenia with my daughter, I felt that every stone, every buildinhg, the mountains, the pastures the ancient churches, the library and the khatchkars, everything everything belonged to me. I had a sense of being at home with my people. A feeling that I had never fexperienced anywhere, not even in my birthplace in Jerusalem. My daughter returned from Armenia with totally different attitude towards her culture and homeland. It was the best gift we could give her. The country speaks for itself. However, each and everyone of us has yet a lot of challenges to face. Armenia should be considered a baby and it is taking its first steps towards democracy, we all have to help the baby to grow and prosper.

I am confident that our Country will prosper ,we have witnessed the changes that took place within the past decade. Inspite of the War in Karabakh, the earthquake and the unexpected Independence we have prevailed, and we shall continue to prevail.


Sonia Peltekian

Dear Ara:

This is great! Since we came back from our wedding ceremony at beautiful Noravank in Armenia three years ago, re-visiting Armenia has been our dream. Everyone, Armenian or not, should visit Armenia. IT IS BEAUTIFUL… Our daughter can’t wait till she goes again next year with her 8th grade class. Keep up the great work. Our souls need Armenia. Armenia needs us!

Sevan Ourfalian and Haro Mherian


Dear Ara,

How kind of you to develop this site Visit Armenia, It's beautiful...

I would thought everything refers to money nowadays. I receive many commercial proposals to ad a banner to a site, etc. But now I see there is a man, an Armenian, who is making this, who is spending his time to make something good for Armenia without any commercial feedback. This is great. Thank you very much.

Tourism is really important for Armenia. And advertising Armenia on Internet over the world is what we need.

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to contact me in case you need any information from my end to promote your site.

Good luck!
Best regards,
David Khachian
Tourist Dept. Manager
Yerevan - Armenia

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