Things you can do to promote tourism to Armenia and help its economy

Buy products made in Armenia

Give friends and coworkers gifts and products Made in Armenia

(Wines, Cognac, Preservatives, Armenian cookbooks, Jewelry, Paintings, Carpets, Music CDs)

Decorate your homes, offices and workplaces with paintings and artworks from Armenia

Plan your next vacation to Visit Armenia

Encourage others to Visit Armenia because “Visit Armenia it is Beautiful”

When visiting Armenia take a lot of pictures, and then show them to your friends

Mail postcards from Armenia

Listen to and purchase Armenian music CDs

Attend Armenian concerts, theatre, art shows and functions

Get involved in an Armenian organization

Talk about Armenia several times every day

Refer people to YOUR web site


What is VAIIB (Visit Armenia, it is beautiful)?
How did it start?
What do we expect to accomplish?
How are VAIIB efforts funded?
What is the point ?
What are VAIIB “associations”?
What can Armenians do to help?
Are there any copyright restrictions to use the VAIIB logo?

What is VAIIB?
Visit Armenia it is Beautiful  (VAIIB) is a unique Logo to promote tourism to Armenia

How did it start?
It started with  E-mailing a letter to friends, organizations, Churches, schools, explaining the importance of having and distributing a recognizable Logo – Slogan.

What do we expect to accomplish?
An increase in number of tourist and visitors from throughout the World, thus improving Armenia’s economy.

How are VAIIB efforts funded?
There is no budget and no money is made by anyone. This is a noncommercial effort. No advertisements. Several Media, TV, Magazines, Newspapers throughout the world are gracefully distributing this project and logo free of charge.

What is the point?
To have this unique Logo recognized throughout the World as the tourism enhancement for Armenia.

What are VAIIB “associations”?
This projects enjoys every Armenian’s strong support. We are not affiliated with any organization or association and hope all Armenians will unconditionally unite to promote this unique endeavor.

What can Armenians do to help?
All Armenian Organizations, Churches, schools, clubs, establishments, entertainers who print flyers, news letters, programs, ad books, yearbooks, TV, magazines, newspapers to include this unique logo in their publications (it does not cost anything extra, yet it can benefit Armenia).

Are there any copyright restrictions to use the VAIIB logo?
We encourage the use and promotion of the VAIIB logo.
Please download, print and display this logo as much as possible and tell others to do the same.
The logo may not be changed or distorted.

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