Suggested Regular Tours  From Yerevan*
April 01 – through November 01 of each year**

Monday:    5 hrs.  Oshagan, Garmravor, Moughni, Hovanavank, Saghmosavank
Monday:    7 hrs.    Khor Virab, Noravank
Monday      5 hrs.    Garni,  Keghart

Tuesday:     7 hrs.   Lake Sevan, Noratous, Hayravank, Sevanavank
Tuesday:     5 hrs.   Erebouni museum, Madenataran, Dzidzernagapert
Tuesday:     3 days/2 nts. Khor Virab, Noravank, Karahunj, Stepanaguerd (overnight), Gantzasar, Askeran, Stepanaguerd  (overnight), Stepanaguerd, Shoushi, Jermuk, return to Yerevan

Wednesday:  5 hrs.   Medzamor, Echmiadzin, Zvartnots
Wednesday:  5 hrs.   Garni,  Keghart

Thursday:      8 hrs.  Khor Virab, Noravank, Baruyr Sevag House-Museum
Thursday:      8 hrs.  Aruch, Gyumri, Horom,  Harichavank

Friday:           5 hrs.  Sardarabad
Friday:           5 hrs.  Garni,  Keghart
Friday:           6 hrs.   Arakadz (Lake Kari), Ampert, Degher

Saturday:        9 hrs. Dzaghgatzor , Kecharis, Lake Sevan, Dilijan, Goshavank,
Saturday:        10 hrs. Haghpad, Sanahin
Saturday:        2 days/1 nte. Khor Virab, Noravank, Datev, Sissian (overnight)
                                   Karahunj, Jermuk, Selim. Lake Sevan

Sunday:           5 hrs. Echmiadzin, Zevartnots
Sunday:           7 hrs. Dzaghgatzor, Kecharis, Lake Sevan

*Similar  tours can be booked through travel agents, local hotel concierge or directly with reputable tour operators.
** Be sure to confirm that the tour operators you use provide comfortable mini-buses and professional guides  (ask for the language of your choice:  Armenian, English, French,    German, Italian, Russian,  Spanish,  etc).   
Note: Due to the 36 letters in the Armenian Alphabet (36 letters),  some proper nouns may be spelled differently (Keghart –Geghard ..G-K, B-P,  D-T etc..) in various publications


All non-profit and non-commercial organizations, churches, schools or other groups who plan educational, cultural, pilgrimage, missionary, humanitarian or expedition trips to Armenia, please email us your trip details, including duration, price, inclusions, conditions, reservation instructions, and we will gladly post them in our website as a public service. Trips will be posted in sequence of departure dates.

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